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Celebrities : Why are we so obsessed with Celebrities?

by GTeam

Why are we so obsessed with Celebrities?


In Nigeria today, our love for celebrities is more than just a faze. For some people, it’s something that would pass. But for others, it’s a complete obsession. But why are we so obsessed with celebrities?

What is it about celebrities that make them so irresistible? Is it because their life is so different from ours? Is it that they have the ability to buy whatever they want? Or is it that they appear to have such a glamorous life? Everyone has their own reason for wanting to take a look into the life of their favourite A-List celebrity, and there is no stopping the media machine. In a sense, celebrities are our new gods. Some of us even like to fantasize that our lives could become like theirs – we imagine that we too could be beautiful, desirable, talented, and rich. At the same time, we secretly want to see them fall so that we know that even our gods can trip and fall.

Some people are so obsessed with celebrities that they would attend every show the celebrity is to appear at, buy every magazine that this particular celebrity appears in, and even cry when we see this celebrity at a close range!

Take a minute to reflect. Why do you think companies like Pepsi, Globacom, and Arik Air use celebrities as their brand ambassadors? It’s simple. Nigerians admire and adore these people and they are considered to be influential in the society. The minute you see their faces on a bill board endorsing a product, we want to try out that product as well.

We tend to believe that our obsession with celebrities has only recently begun. The truth, however, is that fascination with those who are famous has been around for a very long time. Madame Tussaud became known in 1835 when she opened her first shop to exhibit the waxwork figures she had created of the celebrities of her time. The minute the doors opened, it was a huge success. Even now, a century and a half later, you will still see a long line outside of Madame Tussaud’s locations.

But what do people who travel and pay to get into Madame Tussaud’s see? Unlike going to the zoo, where we can see live creatures we cannot find in our own area, at Madame Tussaud’s you see wax figures of your favourite celebrity. There is nothing educational about the experience and nothing that ties you into history other than their clothes. The only thing we get from visiting a place such as Madam Tussaud’s is the feeling that we’ve gotten closer to our favourite celebrities, when, in reality, we have done nothing more than pay a fee to see a waxy imitation of the person we idolize.

The sad fact is that we are more enthralled by celebrities who have bad reputations than celebrities who are excellent role models. As parents or mentors, we have to be careful what we allow children to see and listen to. Some parents seem to believe that all
celebrities are worthy of being role models. Unfortunately, this is far from the truth.

Even though there are more stories about celebrities who have a negative influence on us and the decisions we make in our lives than there are positive actions, there are some celebrities who use their fame to bring about change and are good celebrity role models.

For example, celebrities such as Genevieve and Don Jazzy have been known to assist charities over the years.

“I’d really like to live the life of a celebrity,” many say. Then again, you might not. Celebrities have no privacy, are constantly attacked by the media and sometimes feel some form of derangement.

The stars are out there, big and bright. Let’s get the stars rising in ourselves.

Written by miss S.A.O


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