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Columns : Tonto Dikeh Bleaches Skin: Is Bleaching A Part Of Nollywood Now?

by GTeam

Tonto Dikeh Bleaches Skin: Is Bleaching A Part Of Nollywood Now?

I stumbled across a YouTube clip of Tonto Dikeh being interviewed  recently by Rubbin ‘minds and she was asked a variety of questions ranging from her apparent relationship with Iyanya to the number of tattoos on her body. I was actually very impressed by her candid replies as I was expecting her to conceal the truth like celebrities typically do.  The transcript of the part of the interview is below:

What is your opinion of bleaching:

Well errm, I don’t have an opinion of it, I just think that errm we can do it the right way. It mustn’t go wrong , it can be right. If you do not love your skin for some reason , you can change it…..  You can do it and do it well. There are some people that use oil. I use a lot of oil. I hardly use cream because I cannot stand these creams on my body because I sweat so I use a lot of oil and I don’t think oils are bad.

 So you did that and you did that well:

Yh it’s coming out well. It’s coming out really well.  I was a fair girl, I  am really fair already of course I’m just trying to enhance my colour.

Are you going to keep getting lighter, are you going to keep  doing it?:

 I love being very fair…

So you have no problems lightening your skin:

I have no problems at all, but just do it the right way though because there are some things that damage your skin , I’m not going to lie to you but then if you do it the right way I think it can work.

Yh because  I know that the health implications are very scary and I don’t think anybody wants to go down that route. Is it something you think is a part of Nollywood  now , because it gets talked about  a lot with a lot actresses now that they have to go down that way maybe to get roles:

I’ve heard that before but I don’t see how that’s possible but then again anything can happen.

Tonto Dikeh revealed to the world that despite the fact that she bleaches, she does not think that Nollywood is prejudice towards darker complexions.  Nollywood may not have a “lighter skinned complex” however, there is an obvious bleaching trend within Nollywood and the Nigerian entertainment industry in general. The presence of darker skinned actresses like Genevieve Nnaji, Mercy Johnson and Stephanie Okereke suggest that Nollywood is not as biased towards lighter skinned complexions as it is being suggested  however, this does not take away from the fact that bleaching within the Nigerian entertainment industry is a major concern.

Bleaching is unnatural and does much to defeat the statement ‘love the skin you’re in’.   I do appreciate Tonto Dikeh for her honesty and thank her for awakening a discussion on  one of Nollywood’s worst kept secrets.

Written by Cristine Edusi

Credits: Rubbin’ Minds


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