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Celebrities, Columns : Chilling with Jumai Shaba

by GTeam

This afternoon we are chilling with Jumai Shaba. Jumai is a presenter/host/model/business woman. She is a beautiful lady with a blessed heart.

Full name?

Jumai Shaba

Landing the gig at MNET, how did that happen?

I am actually an I.T consultant by profession, my University degree is in Business Information Technology. I heard about an Auditiion from a friend of mine who thought I would be a good presenter and after going for a few auditions MNET picked me out of a group of hundreds or perhaps thousands of people.

Where did you grow up?

I actually grew up in different places as a kid a lived in the United States of America and then went to the United Kingdom and now I’m back home in Nigeria.

If I weren’t chilling with Genevieveng.com right now, I’d be?

I’d be working, Lol. I work all the time. Work and pray.

Ssssshhh, what’s your secret?

I have so many secrets, Lol. But since it’s for Genevieve I’ll share a tiny one, I’m a computer geek!

You are not doing badly at all….who takes credit for that?

I would have to say my mother. My mom is basically a workaholic and since I made a shift in my career my aim has been to strive for perfection. I actually own a fabric boutique in Ikeja called LEO-LEO. 1t was set up with a lot of help from my Mom.

Who’s your role model?

I have Many Role Models but today I’d say my late grandmother. Chief Mrs Christiana Alaba Okeowo.

High street brands or designer brands?

Actually a bit of both, I like to mix it up

Describe your style?

Classy, comfortable & sleek

We’ll give you one minute to be boastful, what would you say is the best quality about yourself?

Honestly speaking, I’d have to say my compassion for my family, friends and the less fortunate.

Favorite Nigerian musician?

I have two fav’s Tiwa Savage & Banky W





Greatest moment in your profession to date?

I’d have to say the greatest moment in my profession is when I interviewed international R&B Singer/ Actress Brandy Noorwood. It was her first time in Africa and I was the first & Only Woman that interviewed her, it meant a lot to me. (Brought tears to my eyes to see her perform).





A Common misperception of me is?

People usually think I’m more out going than I actually am because of what I do, I love my job but when I’m not working I just want to take it easy.

Friday nights in with a good company or nights out on the town?

An ideal friday night for me is either at home just hanging out or praying to be honest.

 Your top 3 cherished qualities in a man?

 Honesty, humility, spirituality.

 In a nutshell, my philosophy is?

 Put God first and everything else will follow.


6 thoughts on “Chilling with Jumai Shaba

  1. Sola AHT

    Yaaaaaaay Jumai…nice. I love the interview. Honestly i cant hide my admiration for Jumai. What i have her number plss genevieve magazine. help a brother.

  2. michael "Thots On Tees"

    Jumai is a blessed lady….its rare seeing the trendy woman of our generation put God 1st in whatever they do and mention spirituality as 1 of the xters to look out for in a man.God bless you Jumai…….the world is about to witness greatness thru you.

  3. Okpe

    So good to read about a focused young lady who puts God first. Are you searching for a guy or are you taken? I think i am in love.

  4. Don

    Okpe. You’re thinking what I am thinking? I want to propose to this babe. Are babes still so focused and deep? Just asking. Good for you Jumai


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