Sacred Secrets

Sacred Secrets Keeping secrets may seem like you are mostly trying to protect your significant other from being hurt or protecting them from dealing with the aftermath of whatever it is,but trust me no one with actual genuine feelings for you will not be hurt or pained when they find out that you were keeping […]

Ofada Rice With Assorted Stew

Ofada Rice With Assorted Stew Ofada rice is one of the popular traditional foods in the Western part of Nigeria, mostly eaten by the Yoruba’s. It is also appreciated by other ethnic groups within the country and in some parts of West Africa – Togo, Benin Republic and Ghana – for its unique taste. Serves 4 […]

Style Savvy Tips For The Working Girl

Style Savvy Tips For The Working Girl I like consider myself a pretty style-savvy girl, but when it comes to dressing for conservative offices, my knowledge is slim to none. (Yes, I’ve been lucky enough to have a more casual dress code my entire career.) – Shade A’ Onakoya On the first day of a new job—you want […]

Is Finding Love For A Lucky Few?

Is Finding Love For A Lucky Few? Take a moment and answer these questions. 1. If you could have a marriage or love partnership that would be happy and last your lifetime, would you want it? 2. Do you think you can have it?   I am pretty certain a lot of people will want […]

Ask Clara: Beauty Trend Spotting:The Burgundy Lips

Ask Clara: Beauty Trend Spotting:  The Burgundy Lips “Burgundy is one of those rare colours that you can apply without taking your skin tone into account, , neutral, cool—burgundy is so deeply saturated, that it’s more about creating beautifully sculpted lips than anything else.”   If your lips are your best feature, investing in a fab […]

Style Inspiration: Tiwa Savage In RAAH

Style Inspiration: Tiwa Savage In RAAH Tiwa Savage recently stepped out looking gorgeous in a RAAAH dress for DJ Jimmy Jatt’s 25th anniversary. – Shade A’ Onakoya   RAAAH is a ladies fashion brand that creates elegant, cutting edge pieces that are pitched between High Street and High End fashion labels. Here are creative ways to […]